Micro Me 2.0!

As per the contrary belief, Microbiology is not just a theoretical subject. It's is one of the most dynamic, ever-changing and wonderful medical subjects I have known. It not only consists of a great deal of benchwork for daily diagnostic tests but also has a lot of potential to just be a research subject. When I entered the department I was subject to various basic sections as I have already described in Micro me! That frustrated me a little, but to my surprise, I feel that it was something very important for me to be a complete Resident in my department eg. Sample collection and transportation is a very important part and influencer for quality reporting in any setup.                                                                               Mostly, as a clinician, we do not realize the importance of these basic and very small things. I don't say that it's a news for all of you but sometimes we tend to overlook these important aspects like having an accurate and good…

Micro Me.

By means of this blog, I would like to share my experiences as a junior resident in the Department of Microbiology. From the day I entered my college to present. I would also like to discuss some intricacies of Medical Microbiology - How we as undergraduates perceive it and What is it actually? Having said that I would also like to share the sheer pressure and responsibilities of how well we have to perform when we are confirming reports and hence the diagnosis of patients. 

My residency started with a very vibrant and misleading orientation session by the dignitaries of my college. I say misleading because while we were at it everything seemed smooth and easy. Most of the first years were on cloud nine, firstly for clearing NEET PG exam and secondly for joining a good college. It's not that I thought my life as a junior resident would be easy, but I also did not think that it will be this busy and tough at some points. Coming back to the first week of my new life; soon after join…

Soldiers of Struggle!

I would like to dedicate this write-up to the soldiers of my and other countries who stand at the borders and protect the civilians without worrying about their own life and pleasures. It fills my heart with pride when I see a picture of a soldier standing on Siachen Glacier and smiling. I feel like saluting these men a thousand times. 

                                                         The reason why I write this blog is to talk about the plight of such brave and courageous men in twenty first century. We all know that the work which they are doing is selfless and thankless. Getting killed by a bullet while you are thousands of miles away from home is a kind of death which none of us want, but, not for these men who lay down their life time and again . Sometimes fighting with the enemies who try to attack their motherland. Sometimes just because there is ceasefire violations from the other side. Tears are shed constantly by the wives, children and other family members of our ma…

The Hero Within!

Before landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, I had never imagined that I'll see these three pictures on the wall and start thinking about my own life. I had never been a fan of art because I do not understand it. I don't hate it. It's just that I don't understand it. Sometimes I do not get the point of colours too. It's strange and weird but that's me - Weird and Strange.  So coming back to my point which is that this was the first art sequence which made me think about things. Things related to my life. My mistakes and good decisions. My achievements and losses. My will power and sometimes the lack of it. My determination in certain spheres of life and again lack of it in some. It made me think how I am not perfect and how life goes through different phases as we age, as we grow up professionally. 

                                                       First picturehere says to me that every human, be it a girl or a boy are born with diffe…

Misunderstood Girl!

The thought which inspired me to write about Misunderstood Girl is from the real life events of someone I know. A person who has been close to me since the start of my residency in Microbiology. Obviously I won't reveal the real identity of my friend but would still like to present my views on the hypocrisy, oppression of women in 21st century and the way girls are misjudged and misinterpreted. 
Scene 1 -  I met her on the first day of our admission. Sitting with her dad, filling one of the many forms which we had to fill to get admitted. 
                                                                           I went and asked her about certain doubts which I had while filling mine. It was an instant friendship from that moment on. I say this because when the first day of orientation came we chatted and went out to eat. Since then we were in constant touch discussing about frustrations of our respective departments and sharing the feeling of writing NEET during the preparation o…