Richness in Poverty

Have you ever seen a toothless human sitting in the shades of some temporary roof in summers just beside the footpath which leads to your office? Have you ever observed those people who have been so oppressed in their life that they obey any instruction given to them in stern voice by anyone? Have you ever met those people who are too poor to have proper meals but would serve you food of your choice if you visit their house as a guest? I have. I write and dedicate this write-up to all those I mentioned above and also to the ones which I meet in my day to day life.   The purpose of it is not to discuss the problems in the system which has lead to this. It is not even to blame the system. I write today because I have been inspired and motivated by them. Time and again I have been moved by their ways of seeing other humans, their values and the way they accept things (both good and bad) in their life. I know, some of you might think that they 'have to' accept all the problems the…

The Devil Inside Us !

In this particular write up, I would like to go random. Normally, when I write something I have a rough draft. I organise the write-up and correct it. Then publish. This time I have chosen a topic which actually makes me nervous when I write about it. It not only makes me worried that how people will perceive me (or any other human whom they can relate this write-up to) but also makes me a little apprehensive as the Devil I talk about today is in me. It grows stronger and stronger when I talk about it. It becomes more and more satisfied as I feed its ego when I write about it. Still, the need to write is more than putting that Devil to bed and not talk about it. I say that  because it resides in each and every one of us. Some of us see it and let it lead us in life. Some of us despite having it make sure that it is suppressed all the time, then there are those who know how to use it at the right time and the right moment. DEVIL -The particular thing I talk about here is nothing and als…

Old and Alone!!

Leaving from a very long and tiring duty towards my mess I felt that I was Old and Alone. While crossing the main road (as we have to; to reach the other part of the campus) I took a step down from the sidewalk. The left knee buckled and I fell almost on my face on the road ahead, full of traffic. The feeling of being old was pretty obvious from that but soon after the incident, I realised that despite being my batchmates none of the people around me came to help. Not that I particularly wanted them to come and pick me up but enquiring about not getting injured was at least what I was expecting out of them. Please before you judge me read me a little further. I am no fool who would count as this one incident as a whole reason to write about this topic nor am I a man who is particularly sensitive to share feelings and wants others to pity him.These are just some feelings which I like to describe to my readers from time to time.  The average age of an Indian male is 63 years. Seeing my c…

That Old Lady !

Walking down the path towards my canteen in the research centre, cursing my teachers as well as my seniors for doing something wrong (or maybe right) with me. Thinking about how I had to regain my health and to be fit again. Preoccupied with many thoughts. Many scenarios for evening duty playing in my mind. Many facets of it which made me think constantly that how I had reached where I was. Thinking deeply about some of them and superficially about others (making a mental note to deal with them later). Thinking about how my life would have been different if I was born in a different country or with different ambitions I was stopped by That Old Lady.
                                                   An old but beautiful smile with creases all over her face, yellow glistening teeth, humped back, grey hair, wearing an old saree, carrying a thermos flask in her hand and an age-old pair of sandals on her feet. She stops me in between and asks my name and designation. First Reaction - I wa…

We The Lucky Ones !!

Being born in the 20th century and living the 21st I consider myself as someone who is lucky. Having seen the time when we used to walk everywhere to the time when I fly back and forth to my hometown from my place of work easily (2400 km), I can say I have experienced the wave of change around me in a very close fashion. Waiting for long distance calls to get connected to having an electronic device in my hand in which I basically live my life I can say that I am Lucky. Now the question which arises in your mind is - " Why the hell am I telling you about I or you being lucky?".                                                                                              My friend, with these examples I just want to touch some points which I might have missed in my previous writings (Attention Attention, Attention Attention 2.0, Your Kind Words) or might introduce you to some new observations from my life. According to me, anyone who can relate to all the things which I have m…

Blankness - An Experiment

BLANKNESS - When you are void of Expression

                                                             Have you ever felt it? Sitting in a room,]doing nothing, thinking nothing. Just sitting and relaxing.] Just looking at the wall in front of you staring it as if your life depends on it. Staring it continuously to that extent that at the end of it, you feel embarrassed for doing it.] I think it happens a lot when you undergo pressure situations while at work, at least for me. It not only points towards the strange and amazing way human brain works but also towards the way we are living our lives.] The first one because I think it might be my mind's way of releasing the pressure so as to prevent a total crash and the other reason because I think it can be used as an indicator for the amount of quality of work one is doing regularly. I started writing this blog while in that state of mind My Blankness. All those lines which end with "]" are the ones where I spaced out aga…

The State

Sitting in a pub at 00:27 hours I suddenly realised that I was getting bored. Not because I didn't enjoy music or relaxing. It's mostly because I didn't care about that particular kind of atmosphere anymore. People gathered in a tight place, bodies touching and sweating. Dancing drunk on each and every song as if it benefits them directly playing that song, not even realising that the dance steps which they did, do not match the beats and actions on which they are getting impressed by each other are actually stupid for any sober human being. I also got a feeling of repulsion from myself, when I thought that I was one of them a few years ago. Realising it would be difficult to live with this feeling inside me I made a mental note that I was going to think about it and probably write too. 
    To begin with, I think the I overreacted to the situation at that time. I had a beautiful and interesting tinder date sitting beside me. I had my favourite beer in my hands, still, the …