When your breaths are too rhythmic and the legs are burning with a fire-like sensation that is peak time for your jog or simply a run. Today I would like to talk about the very basic and most difficult of the jobs we humans know - Jogging.
  I started jogging in the middle of  2013. Although I still am a learner in the field of cardio but would like to share my experience. We all hear different versions of different athletes about cardio but in my opinion, instead of trusting blindly the said or heard things everyone should try to discover their own style. That's the first definitive and best step you can take towards this exercise. I don't believe in this fact that it's an activity that can be fun. I consider it as a way of discipline( so, therefore, no fun ) and endurance in life. Although I don't want to impose my views over my reader's but still would like to emphasise again that even though it sounds strange, still, jogging is one of the best ways to control your desires and life in a broader sense. When you take that first step on a track you feel the sense of purpose coming in you. The purpose of completing something. The purpose of giving something back to your own body. Respecting it. Suddenly you are focused towards whatever is in your mind. All the world's tensions or responsibilities melt into nothingness and it makes you think better and more clearly. Sometimes there is so much clarity that you start feeling the touch of the wind on your face and in your hair. The touch of the earth below your feet pushing you forward with the friction created by your feet. Basically, you start feeling alive and more driven towards the basic human need to be with nature. Out of the materialistic world which we have created in our own concrete jungles. After those twenty to forty minutes, you feel the rush of endorphins getting released in your body and giving you that high of a lifetime. Each and every muscle responding to your brain's command. Your ears hearing more and more acutely. The vision in eyes becomes clearer. I still remember an incident while I was at peak of my jogging schedule. There were some kids playing volleyball next to the track I was running on. One of them hit the ball a little too hard and it came roaring at me like a giant bullet aiming for my face. Thanks to my heightened senses I stopped it in mid-air and returned it to them. Their careless behaviour didn't even make me angry cause I was so engrossed in my thoughts and focused on solving my problems that I didn't think twice about that incident until now which means it also contributes towards peace of my mind. So as I was saying that getting this feeling of being in control of things and enduring the pain or as I call it PRASAD of jogging is what you should live for. Apart from all these great feelings jogging also helps in keeping your heart and lungs healthy by increasing the work done by them. The work done makes them stronger and better in their performance. Most of the marathon runners have a resting heart rate below 60 and lower incidences of cardiac problems. It basically improves cardiovascular stability in your body. It also reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus and various other diseases. It also keeps you younger looking and fitter than a person of the same age group but not involved in the exercise. So basically jogging not only improves mental health but also keeps physical health in check. 
                             In the nutshell jogging is not just an exercise for me but an abstract thing which is a part of my body. It's as necessary as breathing and as easy as sleeping for me.

PS - What are your thoughts about it ?? Please don't be shy to leave them in comments. Comments from athletes about techniques of exercising are also welcome.


  1. The words flow like that of the blood in your body, you know..I appreciate YOU and your efforts..

  2. Absolutely love the way you write things. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Some more thought s coming up.


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