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Guy's Psychology !!

Well, I have heard many people talk about men. For what they do. Mostly to ask why do they do what they do. So I thought I should write about what they do, why they do it and what's their ultimate goal for being that person. First of all, I really don't know how to put it in a straight way because mostly our minds are too random. So, I think I'll divide our mind into parts for the sake of this write-up, but, would like you to know that all these things are going on simultaneously in our brains....
Aggression -It comes naturally to men. Genetically because of the XY chromosome and biochemically it's because of the testosterone. Although these are very important reasons behind it apart from them, there are various other reasons. First and the most important among them is Simplicity. Being a guy is like all or none phenomenon. We either love, respect and care or we just do not. You will not find a single heterosexual male (no offence intended, Just describing ) who is conf…

Your Kind Words !!

The inspiration to write this particular piece came from one of my friends. After completing Attention Attention !! 2.0 I have been encouraged by her to write about two particular problems (in detail) which exist due to the chaos created by the social media and technology nowadays. Here, I would like to express my thoughts about one of those points. Before I do so I would like to say, that, I do not consider myself as an expert on commenting about trends but these are few of my observations in daily life about - Misuse of Technology and Trolling
I would like to start expressing myself by explaining, what freedom of speech means in the real sense. It just means that you have a basic birthright to say whatever you want without censorship or penalties. Yeah ! Literally, it means that. We as netizens have this blog or other blogs because of this right. Today we can express ourselves in any way we want. We can call names to the leader of our country or we can freely comment on other pers…


DISCLAIMER -:  The views presented here are just my opinions. They have been expressed in this blog for the purpose of a healthy discussion.All the pictures used by me are downloaded from Google and I do not claim any ownership over them.                                                                           The more I try to say what I am going to write about, the more it will distort simple facts about it. So let me just get straight to the point. Being born in a country where treatment of opposite gender is a major problem I can give 'n' number of examples about what is wrong with the concept of inequality with women. There are many ways to engross you in my write-up. I can provoke you, make you feel guilty or can say things about people who believe that girls are made to do certain things in society. Instead of talking about all these immensely generic ways to explain a very basic idea let's try something new. Let's build our concept as we would in our middle or…

Few of the Shareable Shots


Shimla - The Queen Of Hills !

Bone chilling cold crept up from my legs into my torso. My teeth started chattering when I suddenly realised that the temperature had gone far below zero degree celsius. I switched on the ignition of my car and turned on the heater to full blast before my legs became numb. This is how I was welcomed to Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, in the month of January. Luckily, my car started immediately against my strong belief that it would not in such a cold weather, as, that was the first time I had driven my Volkswagon Polo to a hill station in winters. I woke my college mate up who had coiled like a viper on the conductor seat of our car under the common blanket we had been sharing for past four hours. Being taller and heavier between us, my legs had to bear the wrath of winters as most of the time they had not been covered. At that moment I cursed myself for making such a rash decision of travelling to Shimla in evening. The reason for not doing that in the first place was …

PlacesTo Visit in Shimla !!

Before I suggest these so called nice places (according to me) just let me describe something about the city. The city is basically based or as you would say established around two main roads - Mall Road and NH -5.

NH 5 - When you visit Shimla from Punjab or Haryana ( count Delhi in it too ) you enter from NH5. That's the main highway of Shimla and dissects it from one corner to another.                                                
That' s the other corner.    It has the old and the new bus stands and also paves a way to bypass Shimla altogether. It also has many diversions for entering the city from various other points. It is far below Mall Road which is almost at the top of the mountain.  Mall Road - Most of the places are located on it. It divides itself into four parts in the middle or you could also say that Mall is formed by the combination of two important roads which meet in the middle of the city.
The main attractions here are -: The Ridge - It is what it's named…

Attention ! Attention !! 2.0

DISCLAIMER I am not against any kind of invention, discovery or advancement of technology.This blog is not written because I feel superior to any other human just because of my profession. This is not written to badmouth or discourage you from using some specific sites. These are just my views about a particular subject. Nothing more.All the pictures used by me are downloaded from google and I do not own them. I think I should start from where I wasn't clear inmy last write-up, as, pointed out by few of my friends. So the problem about which I was talking was - the advent of technology in everyone's life. Before I express my views I would like you to go down the memory lane and remember about your school life. Do you remember how we used to have school debates and extempore. Now let the juices of your brain flow and try to extract out this particular information that in one of those you might have debated about the advent of technology in the modern era or the importance of te…