PlacesTo Visit in Shimla !!

Before I suggest these so called nice places (according to me) just let me describe something about the city. The city is basically based or as you would say established around two main roads - Mall Road and NH -5.

NH 5 - When you visit Shimla from Punjab or Haryana ( count Delhi in it too ) you enter from NH5. That's the main highway of Shimla and dissects it from one corner to another.                                                

That' s the other corner.
   It has the old and the new bus stands and also paves a way to bypass Shimla altogether. It also has many diversions for entering the city from various other points. It is far below Mall Road which is almost at the top of the mountain. 
Mall RoadMost of the places are located on it. It divides itself into four parts in the middle or you could also say that Mall is formed by the combination of two important roads which meet in the middle of the city.

The main attractions here are -:
The Ridge - It is what it's named. It actually is a ridge of the hill which resides Shimla and has exceptional scenic beauty to itself.
You can see the other part of the city by standing at just one point. It also has the tallest (in Himachal) pole hoisting Indian tricolours.

                                                    There are statues of the first Indian woman prime minister and first founding fathers of this city. That's not the limit of it as it also has space for Christ Church at the centre of it, which indeed was a beautiful piece of architecture for us. It also is the second oldest church in Northern India.
 Coming back to the rest of the city. There is this other part of the mall (another half ) which has most of the fast-food joints and one special Chinese Restaurant.

                                                     I could not click a picture there as it wasn't allowed, but, when in Shimla do eat Chinese food there. 

Architectural Beauty - As Shimla was built by British Rulers, most of the architectural beauty is from that era. The government there has done a tremendous job to preserve it as a part of their heritage and it actually adds up to the extravagant aesthetics of this place.

Tibetan Market - While you are on the left part (bird's eye view ) of the mall road you get a diversion to the Tibetan Market. It is 'a must visit' among people who like to shop differently. Although it does not hold something very unique but has preserved the essence of Tibetan culture among us.

Rashtrapati Niwas - The famous house of the Viceroy of India has now become one of the best museums in the city and houses many important articles pertinent to the history of this great city and India.
Kufri - No Details as it was closed at that time due to heavy snowfall. I reckon it would have been a sight to watch though. 
Random Dance On Balcony at Minus Eight -  Try it. It's great fun.
                                                              There are great many attraction in the city which you could visit eg. jakhu hills etc but we couldn't due to an impromptu plan and lack of time.


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