Thought - End 

                                                  What is an end? Is it a final part of something or just beginning to another thing. Is its completion of a life or just completion of a state of being? Is it what we see or what we feel? Does end mean time to give up or take out all the guns of courage and do something great? Is it just a word or the doom of a dangerous feeling in our hearts? 

                                                          For me, End means to look forward. The end is the feeling of freedom which releases us from the captivity of all the worldly commitments. The end for me is a new hope. For me, it indicates time to move on. Time to take me to another place, another level and to change. Winston Churchill once said, " To improve is to change and to be perfect is to change often". For me, an end is another chance to be more improved than my older self-be it in this life or maybe after it. The end is a new opportunity. End shakes me up but it doesn't slow me down. The end brings a great power of fear which then catalyses the man inside me and pushes me to be a better person. End comes like a finish to yet another chapter of my life's journey. The end is like a firepower which makes me get up the next day and prove myself again. It is not just a feeling or just another word from a dictionary, it is an inevitability. We all face an end to many things during daily life without fear. So why should we fear an end of something old or may be something important? What has come has to go, that is the truth. For me, End is a twin of a start. End is what makes us humans. It is what results in inventions and discoveries ( among other factors ). I do not fear it. What about you? 


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